Nature has endowed Désirade with multiple wealth: Turquoise water and white sand beaches, sun, coconut palms as all the islands, but from north to south, the diversity of its sites makes it unique. The island also offers great possibilities for ramblers, with exceptional views. Its geologic and natural reserves make of this island, an inescapable place, to visit absolutely. Its wealth lies in the authentic disorientation it offers to its visitors and also in the hospitality of its mixed population.
First island perceived by Christopher Columbus, during its second journey, its rich past still appears under the shape of some vestiges spread on the island.
La Désirade The Oualiri Beach Hotel offers the authentic charm of Désirade in an architecture fully integrated into the landscape and the traditions of the island. “Oualiri” is the name given by the Amerindians to the island of Désirade more than 1500 years ago.
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